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International Building Company

greenBuilt International Building Company is a manufacturer of, and builder using,  CAFboard (Compressed Agricultural Fiber) building products that create value for our customers worldwide.

greenBuilt International Building Company's experienced experts will help you get the most out of your CAFboard building products for you in your projects.

greenBuilt International Building Company is a concerned and responsible Global Citizen, Purpose Driven, exemplifying compassionate, ethical, and responsible business practices in our Global Community with our customers, employees and the communities where we live and work.


Building Products

First created in 1933 in Sweden, CAFboard (Compressed Agricultural Fiber) panels and building products are 100% green, sustainable, and renewable.

CAFboard is made entirely from wheat or rice straw using a patented high pressure and heat process that uses the straw's own natural internal resins  to form hard, durable, strong panels - with no toxic or hazardous additives or residues. 

Manufacturing CAFboard takes less than 4% of the energy it takes to make drywall.

Our CAFboard building products offer value, durability, and economy that conventional construction materials simply can't match. Use CAFboard for housing, urban renewal renovations, tiny houses, affordable housing, social housing, commercial construction, manufacturing and MORE!

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